Old Makeup: Know When to Toss It!


Hi everyone,

My mom came to visit me recently and she couldn’t stop cleaning and organizing everything in sight!

My mom helped me organized my piles of new makeup from Asia!

When I got back from Asia, all I had time to do was put everything in boxes…

It was nice getting all of my new makeup organized, but then she moved on to my lipstick drawer…


I’ll admit, the drawer had gotten a little un-organized. However, it wasn’t until my mom started going through it, tube by tube, that I realized (okay, she realized!) some of my products had gone bad. Which got me thinking: How long are you supposed to keep a tube of lipstick anyhow? If I didn’t know for sure, I figured some of you might not either. So I did some research, and today I’m giving you a few tips and key expiration dates to keep in mind when it comes to your beauty products!

Let the “trash talk” begin!


Lipstick: Some experts say 1-2 years. Some say 4 years (especially when stored in your refrigerator!). So how do you know when to toss an old tube? Take a big whiff of it! If it smells rancid, throw it out, it’s donezo.


Lipglosses/chapsticks: 2 years


Powder eye shadow: 2 years

Cream eye shadow: 12-18 months


Eyeliner: 3 months


Mascara: 3 months


Powder blush: 2 years

Cream blush:
6 months


Oil-free foundation: 12 months


Cream foundation: 18 months

Concealer: 12-18 Months

Lotions: 2 years


TIP: If you’re not already in the habit of doing so, get in the habit of labeling your beauty products with the date of first use. This way, you’ll always know how long you’ve been using a product and when it’s time to pitch it.

Do any of these expiration dates surprise you? Is there a product you’re curious about that I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the comment section below.

<3 Mish

Image source: hitmelikean808.tumblr.com


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