Winter hat on, winter hat off. Obnoxious uncles going in for noogies, baby cousins pulling on your hair, and so on. As the holiday season and subsequent party hopping begin to pick up, you may find yourself in a bit of a hair predicament more often than you’d like. While I can’t get you out of crowded kitchen situations or ensure snow doesn’t dampen your do, I can give you some advice for quick hair fixes.

Here are my tips for hair grooming on-the-go:

6263094352:Yahoo:photoBaby powder and makeup powder work wonders on greasy hair, so keep some loose powder in your purse for touch-ups for both face and hair.

6263094320:Yahoo:photoStill greasy? The alcohol in sanitizers will also dry out any greasiness. Grab a hand wipe or apply hand sanitizer to your hands and dab at greasy hair to remove excess oils.

6263872200:Yahoo:photoDo you have hand lotion in your purse? Moisturize your hands and then gently and lightly tame frizziness with your fingers to smooth the frizz and flyaways down. (Save those lotion samples for moments like this!)

6263094298:Yahoo:photoRemove static and frizz with a dryer sheet. It’s not a bad idea to keep one or two of these on hand to begin with, since they are good for more than just softening your clothes in the dryer and will keep your bag smelling lovely all day long.

6262569591:Yahoo:photoInvest in some dry shampoo – if things get bad, spritz some dry shampoo to lift and refresh your hair.

6262569543:Yahoo:photoKeep some clear hair ties (aka polybands) and bobby pins on hand – when leaving it down is out of the question, secure it in a topknot or a braid for a fuss-free, tidier look that’s still chic.

Do you have any quick & easy hair solutions of your own, or have you gotten out of a bad hair situation in the past?

Let me know in the comments below.Β Good luck!

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