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Even though school dress codes may restrict your style, they don’t necessarily have to be a fashion death sentence. Since some of you probably go to a school where your clothing is already outlined for you, I wanted to highlight some ways you can dress up that school uniform for today’s blog.

*Note: all of these are going to depend on how strict your school is, but have fun with the options you do have, and get creative!

- Cute book bags: Don’t just opt for a plain backpack this year. Try different patterns and colors, cute shoulder bags and trendy satchels. The great thing about book bags is how they’re functional and stylish. If you don’t carry too many books, a cute shoulder bag for your supplies adds that a little extra something.

- Fun jewelry: Swapping out jewelry like statement necklaces, dramatic earrings and stackable arm candy is a great way to add a little flare to your wardrobe. A pleated skirt pairs nicely with a bold belt, and pins/brooches can really dress up a plain sweater.

- Shoes and stockings: Unless requested by your school, stockings don’t have to be plain white. Throw in some patterned tights and colorful stocking with a pair of fun shoes. I like booties and flats for school because they are comfortable for a long day in class and they pair nicely with stockings for seasonal transition.

- Hair styles and accessories: Even if you can’t play around with a strict wardrobe, hair accessories and styles are another easy way to dress up your school style. A cute hairstyle or cut can completely change your look! There are so many braid fashions and pony tail alternatives to try, not to mention stylish headbands and pins that easily set your style apart from your classmates.

Do you have to wear a uniform to school? How would you dress up your school’s dress code?


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