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Hi everyone,

For today’s Outfitted post I’m featuring my go-to dusty rose-colored dress. This dress is an absolute favorite of mine… if it looks familiar, it’s because I wear it a lot. I like to think of it as my anytime, anywhere dress – or should I say, anywear! Ha!

The cut and color of the piece make it a flexible number year-round. Neutrals and blush colors are great to stock up on because they work across seasons and are easily adapted to both spring and winter looks. I can dress it up to go out, dress it down to run errands, and pile on the accessories to glam it up if I want.



Dress from ThreadSence
Photos by Jana Williams

* * *

I wear this dress for all sorts of occasions, from running out to get coffee to going out with friends. Flexible pieces like this are such space-savers when traveling, too! Here’s a picture of me wearing it at last month’s Meet & Greet in Miami:


I think every girl needs a go-to dress in her wardrobe. It just makes things so much easier. :D Do you have an anytime, anywhere piece? What is it?

<3 Mish

P.S. Thank you Bonnie Leung for the photo from the Meet & Greet!

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