Outfitted: My Ao Dai



Hi everyone,

In the picture above I am wearing a traditional Vietnamese dress called an ao dai. This “long dress” is actually made up of two parts: a tight fitting, two-paneled tunic with loose pants underneath. In modern day Vietnam, women wear ao dais as work/school outfits or for formal events and occasions… but it wasn’t always this way.

Originally, the ao dai was a required dress code for people living in southern countries, in order to separate their identity under the reign of Nguyen Phus Khoat. The costume was plain and wasn’t flattering to any body shape like it is today. Over the years, variations of the ao dai had between 4-5 separate panels in the topcoat and signified oriental cosmology and social class.

Today, the ao dai is no longer considered politically controversial, so a lot of women wear these dresses everyday to work/school and for other fun occasions, like weddings! Check out some photos of my ao dai I got to wear while I was in Vietnam.






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Does your culture have a traditional dress or clothing? Share your photos in the comments below!

xoxo Mish

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  • Trung

    My mother is vietnamese/chinese and so, I like to know more about my origines. I have a white ao dai, but not as beautyful as the ones you were wearing! ^_^

    I live in France and there are a lot of traditional clothing, it depends on the regions. But for women, there is usually a long dress, a shirt and a corset. And something to maintain the hairstyle.


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