Picture Day Tips: The Ghosts of My Picture Days Past


Hi everyone,

Whether it’s going in the yearbook or going on your driver’s license, getting your official photo taken can be a stressful occasion. To help make “Retake Day” a thing of the past, in my latest video, I go over some key tips and give a tutorial to prepare you for Picture Day success.

Although I have a better idea now of what works and what doesn’t work on Picture Day, the camera hasn’t always shown me love… These old school photos of me are my gift to you – use my hard-earned knowledge to prevent laughable pictures of your own! ENJOY.


Me at 10 years old. Check out my school uniform! You can still look fashionable :P


Glamour shots at 15 years old. If you had these, you were cool.


Aaand my senior pictures. I’d give anything to retake these!


I looked so different back then! Your face is constantly changing over the years!


Graduated with honors, my mama was so proud!

Do you have any Picture Day horror stories or funny pics of your own? Please share in the comments section below!


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