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Now that summer is approaching, the season’s color wheel has turned from soft pastels to bold brights – electric yellows, vivid purples and punchy oranges are just a few of the colors that start to emerge this time of year.  One easy way to add a shock of color to your look is to swipe on some neon nail polish.  However, if you live in the States, this might be harder than it sounds.  Why? Because producing neon nail polish in the US is actually illegal.  You may think you have neon shades in your stash, but a true neon lacquer consists of colorants that have not yet been FDA-approved. But fear not – even if you can’t get ahold of polishes from abroad, here’s a simple trick to make your bright nail color look as vibrant as a true neon polish. 

Polish Trick: Before applying your desired color, first paint a layer of white polish underneath – this will make your nail color more vivid. (These photos are not retouched – you can really see the difference!) 



Even if you’re not using neon polish, adding a white base coat can help your color appear brighter:



Have you ever heard of this trick? What are your favorite neon shades? Tell me in the comments!

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