Coming down from the holidays isn’t always easy!

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All of the food, drink, stress and travel of the holiday season can take a serious toll on your health and appearance. Oftentimes, it’s your skin that gives it away; all those sugars and toxins from your holiday diet can be deadly for your complexion. A healthy and consistent diet and lifestyle is really the key to maintaining beautiful skin, but this can be slightly unrealistic during the holidays. Luckily, there are a few quick cheats and treatments that can work wonders in the meantime while you get back to normal.

The following techniques will help breathe life back into post-holiday season skin:

1. Hydrating Cotton Masks
A hydrating cotton mask can be a lifesaver for skin that’s in need of some conditioning. All you need are cotton pads and skin conditioner or lotion. Click here for instructions on how to do a DIY Cotton Mask Tutorial.

2. Facial Massages
No facial appointment required! Simply massaging your face with moisturizing cream can help reawaken your skin. I recommend trying this after a cotton mask for optimum results. Focusing on lymphatic flow can help improve your skin’s coloring, decrease puffiness and reduce undereye bags.

3. Skin Brushing
Brushing your skin is an easy way to boost its energy and circulation. Tools like the Clarisonic and Neutrogena Wave are awesome, but manual dry brushing also works great and is easier on the wallet.

4. Facial Mists
Facial mists are an easy, on-the-go way to add moisture and wake up your complexion in a matter of minutes. Not to mention, they are incredibly refreshing! Evian Mineral Water Spray is always a solid choice.

5. Hold the chips!
At the end of the day, water and nutrients are where it’s at! Even just drinking one glass of ice water can help reduce splotchiness and redness. So, fill up on your H2O and stick to foods rich in nutrients and low in salt and sugar. Put down the chips and soda and reach for some juice and fruit instead. Soon you’ll be replenished and good as new!

What are some of your skin rejuvenation tips?

<3 Mish

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