This Policy was last changed on January 17, 2014.

Ricebunny, Inc. and its affiliates operate this website (the “Site”) and the services related to or offered on the Site (hereinafter, the “Services”). Ricebunny, Inc.’s Services may include, without limitation, tools, applications, email services, bulletin and message boards, chat areas, news groups, forums, communities, calendars, and downloadable mobile applications related to the Site or provided through the Site.

Ricebunny, Inc. provides you this privacy policy (the “Policy”) to help you understand the kinds of information Ricebunny, Inc. may gather about you when you visit the Site or use any of Ricebunny, Inc.’s Services, how Ricebunny, Inc. may use and disclose the information, and how you can control, correct and/or update the information.

To be clear about the terminology Ricebunny, Inc. is using, when Ricebunny, Inc. uses the phrase “Personal Information” in this Policy, Ricebunny, Inc. means information that can be used to identify or contact a person, like a person’s full name, address, e-mail address, or phone number. When Ricebunny, Inc. uses the phrase “Anonymous Information” in this Policy, Ricebunny, Inc. means information that cannot reasonably be used to identify individual persons.

By visiting this Site or using the Services, you are accepting the policies and practices described in this Policy. Each time you visit the Site or use the Services, you agree and expressly consent to Ricebunny, Inc.’s collection, use and disclosure of the information that you provide as described in this Policy.

Your Personal Information will be processed by Ricebunny, the United States.

In addition to this general Policy, each Service may have additional privacy provisions that are specific to the particular Service. These supplemental disclosures are made adjacent to the particular Service at the time Ricebunny, Inc. collects the information. These supplemental disclosures also govern the use of your information.


Ricebunny, Inc. collects information about you in the following ways:

A. Information you voluntarily provide Ricebunny, Inc.

Ricebunny, Inc. collects and maintains information that you voluntarily submit to Ricebunny, Inc. during your use of the Site and Services. For example:

  • when you register for a Site, you may provide Ricebunny, Inc. certain information including your name, email address, screen name, password, demographic information and the health topics that interest you;
  • to engage a Site’s social networking function, you may add to your profile by providing information about your interests or health topics. For example, your profile may list your favorite healthy foods or movie;
  • if you sign up to receive a newsletter, enter a contest or participate in social networking activities, you may provide Ricebunny, Inc. contact information (e.g., email or physical address);
  • if you purchase a product or service, you may provide Ricebunny, Inc. your credit card information; and
  • you may provide Ricebunny, Inc. with Personal Information in the course of email, customer support interactions and surveys.

You can choose not to provide Ricebunny, Inc. with certain information, but this may stop you from gaining access to a Service or limit the features that you can use. For more information, please see the How Ricebunny, Inc. Uses Your Information section below.

B. Information Ricebunny, Inc. collects through your use of the Site.

As you use the Site and Services, certain information may also be passively collected. Through cookies, pixels, beacons, log files and other technologies, Ricebunny, Inc. may collect information about how you use the Site and the Services. For example Ricebunny, Inc. may determine through an IP address that a particular computer or device is located in Los Angeles and Ricebunny, Inc. may use this information to deliver advertisements promoting Los Angeles-based businesses. This information allows Ricebunny, Inc. to deliver more helpful information, programs, tools and advertisements. Please see the Cookies and Targeted Advertising sections below for more information.

C. Information Ricebunny, Inc. receives from third parties. 

Ricebunny, Inc. may also combine online and/or offline information received from third parties with the information Ricebunny, Inc. has already collected from you via Ricebunny, Inc.’s Site and/or Services. The third party information is used for a variety of purposes including to verify other information about you (e.g., verify your mailing address to send you requested products or services) and to enhance the content and advertising Ricebunny, Inc. provides to you.


Ricebunny, Inc. may use your Personal Information in the ways described below or described at the time that the information is collected.

A. Advertising.

Ricebunny, Inc. believes that advertising is more interesting to you when it is relevant. Accordingly, Ricebunny, Inc. may customize the advertisements that you see based upon: (i) the information that you provide Ricebunny, Inc.; (ii) geographic location information, which Ricebunny, Inc. may determine through your IP address, from your mobile device, or other ways; (iii) data Ricebunny, Inc. receives from third parties or; (iv) your visits on the Site or use of Services (commonly referred to as “Behavioral Advertising”). Please see the Cookies and Targeted Advertising section below for more information on the use of cookies and the information collected for Behavioral Advertising.

B. To Provide the Site and Services.

In general, Ricebunny, Inc. uses your Personal Information as necessary or appropriate for purposes including to:

  • administer your account;
  • register you and provide you access to the Site or Services;
  • respond to inquiries or requests that you direct to Ricebunny, Inc.;
  • fulfill your requests for products or services;
  • send communications and administrative emails about the Site or Services;
  • personalize and better tailor the features, performance and support of the Site and Services for your use;
  • send you promotional/marketing information, newsletters, offers or other information regarding opportunities and functionality that Ricebunny, Inc. thinks would be of particular interest to you;
  • improve the quality of the Site and the Services, and
  • analyze, benchmark and conduct research on user data and user interactions with the Site and Services.


A. Cookies, Web Beacons and IP Address Information

  • “Cookies” are small pieces of information that a website places on your browser when you visit that website. Ricebunny, Inc. may use cookies to provide you with a more personal and interactive experience with the Site and Services. For example, Ricebunny, Inc. may use cookies to control what advertisements you see, the sequence of advertisements and to make sure you don’t see the same advertisement too many times. For contests or sweepstakes, Ricebunny, Inc. may also use cookies in order to track your progress and the number of entries in some promotions. For polls, Ricebunny, Inc. may use cookies to help ensure that an individual can’t vote more than once on a particular question or issue. Ricebunny, Inc. does not store Personal Information in any cookies on your computer.
  • Cookies can be removed by following your Internet browser’s directions within the help tab. In order to use certain Services offered through the Site, your web browser must accept cookies. If you choose to disable cookies, some aspects of the Site may not work properly, and you may not be able to access Ricebunny, Inc.’s Services.
  • Ricebunny, Inc. may also use cookies, pixels, web beacons (which are usually small, transparent graphic images), operating system and device information and navigational data like Uniform Resource Locators (URL) to gather information regarding the date and time of your visit, the features and information for which you searched and viewed, the email you opened, or on which advertisements you clicked. This type of information is collected to make the Site and Services more useful to you and to tailor the experience with Ricebunny, Inc. to meet your special interests and needs.
  • An “Internet protocol address” or “IP Address” is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you use the Internet. Ricebunny, Inc., or its service providers, may use your IP Address when you access the Site or Services or use other means to assist with delivering geographically targeted advertisements.

B. Targeted Advertising

Companies Ricebunny, Inc. works with may use cookies for purposes including understanding Web usage patterns of users who see advertisements on the Site, controlling the sequence of advertisements you see, making sure you don’t see the same advertisement too many times, determining your interests and tailoring advertisements and promotions based on those interests. For example, if you read an article on one of the Site, Ricebunny, Inc. may use cookies from a vendor to later serve you an advertisement for a product related to the viewed article. These third party vendors may connect information about pages you visit on Ricebunny, Inc.’s Sites with information about pages you visit on other websites and show you advertising based on this combined information. The advertisement may appear when you are visiting a different section of this Site, another Site or any other website on the Internet if the website also has a relationship with Ricebunny, Inc.’s vendor.  

C. Information Collected by Third Party Advertisers

Advertisers or other third parties on the Site may also engage in Behavioral Advertising and use cookies and web beacons in the manner described above. Ricebunny, Inc. does not control these advertisers or other parties’ use of cookies or web beacons or what they do with the information they collect. Many third party vendors that engage in Behavioral Advertising participate in the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and/or the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and abide by NAI and/or DAA principles. If you wish to opt out of participating in advertising programs conducted by NAI and DAA members or learn more about the NAI and DAA, please go to the NAI OPT-OUT website and DAA CHOICE PAGE and follow the instructions. After you opt-out, you will still see advertisements, but the advertising may not be as relevant to your interests. If you change your computer, change your browser or delete your cookies, you will need to renew your opt-out.


Ricebunny, Inc. may share your Personal Information with third parties as specifically approved by you or under the circumstances described below. If you do not want Ricebunny, Inc. to use or disclose Personal Information collected about you in the ways identified in this Policy, you should not use the Site or Services.

A. Disclosure for legal reasons.

Ricebunny, Inc. may disclose and release your Personal Information to third parties: (a) to comply with valid legal requirements such as a law, regulation, search warrant, subpoena or court order; or (b) in special cases, such as a physical threat to you or others, a threat to homeland security, a threat to Ricebunny, Inc’s system or network, or in any cases in which Ricebunny, Inc. believes it is reasonably necessary to investigate or prevent harm, fraud, abuse, illegal conduct or a violation or alleged violation of this Policy or other agreement Ricebunny, Inc. may have with you. 

B. Agents and Contractors.

Ricebunny, Inc. may provide your Personal Information to service providers who work on its behalf or help Ricebunny, Inc. to operate Ricebunny, Inc.’s business, the Site and the Services. Examples of such service providers include vendors and suppliers that provide Ricebunny, Inc. with technology, services, and/or content for sending email, analyzing data, research, providing advertising and marketing assistance, processing payments (including credit card payments), and providing customer service. Access to your Personal Information by these service providers is limited to the information reasonably necessary to perform its limited function.

C. Aggregated, Anonymous Information.

Ricebunny, Inc. may share aggregated Anonymous Information about you with third parties. Aggregated information is your Anonymous Information that is combined with the Anonymous Information of other users. 

D. Contests, sweepstakes and polls.

Some or all of the information collected during a promotions, contest, polls, or sweepstakes (“Promotions”) may be disclosed publicly. It may also be shared with other third parties as disclosed at the time of collection or in the Promotion rules. These third parties may include providers of prizes in order to update you of your status of your prize or other fulfillment needs or a co-sponsor who may use your Personal Information to administer the Promotion or for their marketing purposes, but only in conformance with their privacy policy as made available to you at the time of collection. Ricebunny, Inc. is not responsible for their privacy policy or practices.

When you participate in a Promotion, you are subject to any official rules for that Promotion, which may contain additional information about the specific privacy practices associated with the Promotion.

E. Sponsors, Merchants and other ways that you approve at the time of collection.

Ricebunny, Inc. may collect Personal Information about you and share it with third parties to the extent that you give Ricebunny, Inc. permission at the time of collection. For example, if you purchase a deal or service, Ricebunny, Inc. will provide your information to the applicable merchant or vendor. Ricebunny, Inc. also sometimes gather Personal Information on behalf of a sponsor in association with a promotion. In such a case, Ricebunny, Inc. will provide you notice at the time of collection that the information is being collected on the sponsor’s behalf and link to the sponsor’s privacy policy.

F. Within Ricebunny, Inc.; Changes to Ricebunny, Inc.

Ricebunny, Inc. may share your Personal Information with any of its subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under common control. Additionally, in the event Ricebunny, Inc. goes through a business transition such as a merger, acquisition by another company, or sale of all or a portion of its assets, your Personal Information may be among the assets transferred. You acknowledge that such transfers may occur and are permitted by this Policy.


Ricebunny, Inc. may make message boards, chat rooms, and other interactive forums available as part of the Services. You should be aware that any information which you post to these interactive forums or otherwise choose to make publicly available, including your Personal Information, may be disclosed and available to all users who have access to that portion of the Site or Services. By using these interactive forums, you agree that Ricebunny, Inc. is not responsible for any information that you disclose or communicate in such forums, and any disclosures you make are at your own risk.


The Site and Services are not directed or intended for children under 13 years of age. Ricebunny, Inc. does not knowingly collect Personal Information from individuals under 13 years of age. If you are under 13 years of age, you should not register or provide Personal Information on the Site or through the Services. If you are the parent or guardian of a child whom you believe has disclosed Personal Information to Ricebunny, Inc., please contact Ricebunny, Inc. at [] so that Ricebunny, Inc. may delete and remove such child’s information from Ricebunny, Inc.’s systems.


Ricebunny, Inc. offers you choices regarding the collection, use, and sharing of your Personal Information. When you receive promotional communications from Ricebunny, Inc., you will have the opportunity to “opt-out” by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in the promotional e-mail or newsletter you receive. 

If your Personal Information changes or if you no longer desire to display information on the Site or Services, Ricebunny, Inc. encourages you to correct, update or remove Personal Information from your profile. This can be done by logging-in and clicking on your user name at top of the Site to access the “Profile” section. If you would like assistance disabling your account please contact customer service at 

Keep in mind, however, that even if you delete information from your profile, Ricebunny, Inc. may retain your Personal Information in conformance with its data retention policy and Personal Information may remain within Ricebunny, Inc.’s databases, access logs, and other records. In addition, Ricebunny, Inc. is not responsible for updating or removing your Personal Information contained in the lists or databases of third parties who have been provided information as permitted by this Policy.


Certain portions of the Site or certain Services may be co-branded with a business partner and subject to a different privacy policy that is either the partner’s privacy policy or a privacy policy developed jointly by Ricebunny, Inc. and Ricebunny, Inc.’s partner (collectively the “Co-branded Policy”). The partner’s collection, use and dissemination practices regarding any data or Personal Information provided by, or obtained from users of these Co-branded portions of the Site will be governed by the Co-branded Policy. Please read the Co-branded Policy for each Co-branded Site before providing any Personal Information.


The Sites may link to websites operated by third parties that Ricebunny, Inc. does not control. Ricebunny, Inc. does not monitor, control, or endorse the information collection or privacy practices of any third parties. Ricebunny, Inc. encourages you to become familiar with the privacy practices of every website you visit and to contact them if you have any questions about their respective privacy policies and practices. This Policy applies solely to information collected by Ricebunny, Inc. through the Site or Services and does not apply to these third party websites. The ability to access information of third parties from the Site or Services, or links to other websites or locations, is for your convenience only and does not signify Ricebunny, Inc.’s endorsement of such third parties, their products, services, websites, locations or their content.


Ricebunny, Inc. places a priority on the security of Personal Information, and Ricebunny, Inc. undertakes reasonable security measures to help protect the data that resides on its servers. Ricebunny, Inc. also uses secure server software (SSL) to process all financial transactions that occur on the Site. SSL technology can encrypt Personal Information transmitted over the Internet. However, no security system is impenetrable. Ricebunny, Inc. does not warrant the security of its servers, nor does Ricebunny, Inc. warrant that your information, including Personal Information, will be completely secure or not be intercepted while being transmitted over the Internet.


If you have any questions regarding privacy or this Policy, you may contact Ricebunny, Inc. as follows:


Address: Ricebunny, Inc. 11315 Mississippi Ave #209, Los Angeles, CA 90025 


Ricebunny, Inc. reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Policy at any time and without prior notice, and any changes will become effective immediately upon being posted unless Ricebunny, Inc. advises you otherwise. Your continued use of the Site or Services after this Policy has been amended shall be deemed to be your continued acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Policy, as amended. Ricebunny, Inc. encourages you to bookmark this Web page and review this Policy regularly.



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