Product Review: Mineral Makeup Blush

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In my opinion, mineral makeup is one of the greatest recent beauty industry breakthroughs. It’s great for all skin types, especially acne-prone skin because minerals work with the skin’s oils and won’t clog pores, unlike other forms of makeup. Mineral makeup is also totally natural. It’s free of preservatives, chemical dyes and other artificial ingredients commonly found in beauty products, which makes it a great choice for even the most sensitive skin.

These days, there are so many mineral makeup options. For today’s product review, I’m going to give you all the details on MicaBeauty Mineral Blush Powder.

MicaBeauty Mineral Blush Powder – $55



  • The product has a smooth finish
  • It gives you a healthy glow
  • A little goes a long way



  • It’s rather expensive at $55
  • Only available in six colors
  • The packaging doesn’t have an adjustable cap where you can close the filter


The MicaBeauty blush is definitely a quality product, but it is also the priciest of the mineral makeup options. So how does it stack up against the alternatives?


Both the Everyday Minerals and Bare Minerals blushes boast the same benefits of mineral makeup, have more color options and are less expensive. Bare Minerals Blush also has an adjustable cap so you can close the filter, which is always a good feature. And although you will get less product with Everyday Minerals Blush, at $6 it’s a great bargain buy.

Do you like mineral makeup? Tell me know your favorite mineral makeup products in the comments section!

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