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Don’t you hate it when you’re getting ready in a hurry, check the mirror one last time before dashing out the door, and notice big, ugly white marks all over your black top?? At times like these, there’s only one culprit: deodorant.

Luckily, today I’m going to share a quick solution to get rid of those pesky stains.  It involves a slightly surprising material: pantyhose. That’s right – next time you notice a few runs in your nylons, you may want to think twice about tossing them in the trash. Instead, stash them away for the inevitable morning when you look down and notice deodorant streaks all over your favorite dress!

All you have to do is wad up your pantyhose and use it like a sponge to rub out the streaks. Voilà – you have a quick solution to an ugly problem! (And thankfully, you don’t have to stop wearing deodorant ;) The freshest stains will lift off easily, but you may have to keep going over the more stubborn ones before they disappear too.

*If you don’t have pantyhose, try using a dryer sheet instead. I haven’t tried this myself, but have heard it works too. (Click here for another surprising way to use dryer sheets!).

Have you used the pantyhose trick before? Or do you have another quick tip for getting rid of deodorant marks? Let me know in the comments!

<3 Mish

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