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Bobby pins are one of the most basic beauty tools around – they keep even the most intricate hairstyles in place with a simple slide-n-push.  But get this: you might just be using them wrong. I learned the correct way to use bobby pins and felt like my mind was blown – apparently, you’re supposed to push them into your scalp with the wavy side facing down.  The ribbing is actually designed to grip your hair and prevent it from sliding out! From now on, use bobby pins only the correct way and prepare to have your life changed – I promise you will notice a difference!

Pin this image so you’ll always remember the right way to use them :)


For another way to keep your bobby pins in place, check out my DIY sticky bobby pins tutorial!

Have you been using bobby pins the wrong way? Try out a hairstyle with the wavy side of the bobby pin facing towards your scalp and tell me what you think!

<3 Mish

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