When it comes to at-home make up routines, mama really does know best. And you know how she knows best? She learned the tricks of the trade from her own mother. Like most things – good recipes, health remedies, and beauty too – what’s been passed down has been passed down for a reason!

your mom's beauty essentials

Rag Rolls – Rag rolls were simply strips of fabric used to roll the hair for a no-heat curl. To try out this vintage beauty trick, simply take a small section of hair, twist it around the narrow fabric, and then tie the ends together so hair is wound tightly into a loop. The longer they’re in, the longer the shape will hold, so sleep in them for the full effect. A more up-to-date alternative would be – yep, you guessed it – velcro rollers. They provide a more simple and quick way to achieve those curls.

Vaseline – One trick (often credited to Marilyn Monroe) was to use petroleum jelly as a highlighter for the brow and cheekbones. The petroleum jelly offered up a youthful shine, almost like strobing and the dewy trend we’ve seen all over runways achieves these days. Of course, petroleum jelly can be used in countless ways, as you may have seen from this post.

Mint Leaves – Like the infamous cucumber-over-the-eyes trick, your mom may have a different natural alternative for sad, tired eyes: mint leaves. Crushing mint leaves and leaving them over the eye area for a few minutes – or lightly pressing them into the dark patch of skin – can cool, soothe, and reduce the appearance of dark circles. Who knew?

Classic Mascara – I don’t recommend mixing coal dust and petroleum jelly to use for your mascara as the creator of mascara did himself, but the now cult fave product that stemmed from that initial formula, Maybelline Great Lash, has stood the test of time. The bottle may look different, not to mention that there are several versions now, but this little tube is still getting rave reviews. By the way, did you know that chemist TL Williams came up with the name Maybelline by combining his sister Mabel’s name + the main ingredient, Vaseline? Whoa.

Epsom Salt – This is another step you might want to add to your beauty regimen, and it isn’t just for aching joints. Magnesium sulfate, or Epsom salt is a long-revered way to get rid of infections, exfoliate and detoxify the skin to a healthy glow. Another age-old home remedy for detoxifying and reducing inflammation is the garlic bath. Don’t worry, if you dilute it correctly you actually won’t smell garlicky at all afterward.

Pond’s Cream – Many of us have heard of Pond’s, but younger beauty lovers may write it off as strictly for the older crowd. Given its occlusives to lock in moisture, humectants to hydrate, and hypoallergenic formula, this dry skin cream is favored by those with sensitive skins. So if you suffer from dry skin but don’t want a ton of heavy, irritating product weighing you down, it might be worth giving this old fave a new chance.

Perfume – Does your mom have a favorite perfume? One way she may be making it last is by infusing it into her hair. A tried-and-true technique for making fragrance last all day is to spritz a tiny amount onto your hairbrush and working it gently in. Or, just be sure to spray your perfume directly after your shower, so it hangs on to your skin.

Shower Cap - Unless we’re swimmers, many of us have written shower caps off as a silly shower caddy item. But if you think about it, a shower cap is a surprisingly practical product. Shampooing daily is pretty much frowned upon for your locks at this point, but the daily cleanse isn’t. A shower cap is how you deal on no-wash days, not to mention keep any skincare product out of your strands. Plus, there actually are shower caps that aren’t plasticky, uncomfortable materials these days: Shhhowercap is one brand that comes to mind.

Challenge time! Ask the women in your life what their #1 beauty essential is. Don’t forget to report back with your findings!

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