Recessionista Fashion: DIY Embellished Fingerless Gloves

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Although penny pinching might seem to be the antithesis of beauty and style, there are ways to make the most of any budget so that you look great and your wallet isn’t quite as empty either. Ready for the next installment of Recessionista Fashion? This easy DIY will keep you warm in the winter and also add a glamorous “it” factor to any ensemble.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Here’s how to make your own embellished fingerless gloves:


1. Cut off the fingers of the gloves and the tip of the thumb.


2. Cut the feet off of the socks.


3. Slide the remainder of the sock over your wrist and then put on the gloves.


4. Pin your brooch or mismatched earring on the back of your hand.

Not only are these gloves fun and chic, but they also make texting a whole lot easier! Who says fashion can’t be pretty, affordable, and practical?

And the best thing about these DIY Embellished Gloves is the receipt!

            Gloves: $3.00

            Socks: $3.00

            Brooch: $6.00

            Total: $12.00

You can spend upwards of $50 on embellished fingerless gloves in your favorite stores, but for about $12 the DIY version will keep you just as warm and fashionable.

Will you make your own embellished gloves? Share links to your photos–I’m dying to see what you guys make!

<3 Mish


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