Summer is almost over, but if you want to head back to school looking like you vacationed at the beach all summer long, I recommend trying this simple trick! First, grab some lemon juice (either freshly squeezed or bottled), and then section off pieces of your hair that you’d like to highlight. Pour the lemon juice on each section of selected hair and then head outside to be in the sun for a few hours (make sure you slather on the sunblock!). By the time you head back inside, you’ll have lighter, naturally highlighted hair–as if you’ve been busy catching rays all summer long!

Lemon juice not only makes blonde hair blonder, but also brings out natural red and blonde tones in brunettes. 


  • Use lemon juice on hair that is slightly oily (not freshly shampooed). This will allow the acid in the lemon juice to react with UV rays and slightly bleach your hair, as opposed to corroding your clean hair and drying it out.
  • You can keep the leftover lemon juice for up to a week. If you want your hair to be even lighter, repeat this process within the week.
  • You can also use the leftover juice to soak your fingernails, which will lighten any nails that have yellowed over time. (This goes for fading age spots and toning oily skin, too!)

Have you ever tried this trick? Let me know in the comment section below.


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