Seoul Sausage Ain’t Just About the Sausages

Having won season 3 of Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race,” being tweeted about by Bobby Flay as “LA food tip of the year,” and even making appearances in Michelle’s “Week in Photos,” there’s definitely a lot of buzz about Seoul Sausage out there.



I have been a fan since I first learned about them at the Korean BBQ Cook-Off in 2010. Back then it was all about their Korean fusion sausages. Three years later, with their storefront off of West LA’s Sawtelle, my taste buds and stomach are pleased with the evolution of Seoul Sausage’s menu. While sausages are still the main entrees, it’s the other menu items that are actually my faves!


1. Galbi Poutine – This is MY food tip of the year. Double fried fries topped with shredded braised short rib meat, homemade crema, scallions, and kimchi pickled onions. I ALWAYS order this one, because it is sooooo freakin’ good. And while I probably shouldn’t because it’s quite a hearty portion, I can eat one serving all by myself.


2. Da KFC – Korean Fried Chicken. It’s da bomb. Not your typical fried chicken found in Koreatown although it does come with Korean pickled radish. It’s perfectly crispy with the right amount of spiciness so that it’s not overly hot. And it’s paired nicely with some jalapeno kimchi cheddar cornbread. Mmm!


3. Balls. Say what? Yes, balls of rice combined with a variety of ingredients fried to perfection and served with different dipping sauces. Currently, there are three on their menu: Flaming (for the Korean flavor/kimchi lover), Osaka (for the Japanese curry lover), and Spam Musubi (for the spam/Hawaiian food lover).

Because everything on their menu is pretty darn good, your best scenario is going with a group of friends and ordering the “Seoul Pack” (one of everything) so that you can try all the deliciousness!


Looks like Michelle digs the Spicy Pork sausage.


Seoul Sausage Company
11313 Mississippi Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90005
(310) 477-7739

What’s your food tip of the year?



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