There is an endless amount of advice floating around when it comes to landing a job, starting your career or establishing yourself as a successful woman. One of the latest tips I’ve heard is the ‘fake it till you make it’ notion. If you’re in a creative field, starting out or even thinking of switching careers, it’s an interesting route to consider.


Basically, for those who haven’t heard this term much, when applied to job positions, it means that you really do whatever it takes to get your foot in the door, and figure it out later. It sounds risky, but this say yes mentality is a positive way of looking at things. By faking it at first, you give yourself the opportunity to learn as you go.

Now, many managers probably don’t want to hire someone who is totally faking it – lying on their resume or just saying yes to every requirement without the experience to back it up. They’d obviously prefer to get onto the next applicant who really knows their stuff!

So, should you fake it? Well, it depends a lot on how you learn and your ambitions. If you’re vying for a position you’re really passionate about and know you’d get the hang of it with a little training, then talking yourself up a bit will come off as authentically confident and enthusiastic, instead of leading to major problems and awkwardness down the road. Same goes for creative types, like artists and entrepreneurs. When paving your own path, there’s a lot of trial and error and you do honestly have to fake it sometimes! On the other hand, if a position calls for a degree in engineering and three years of experience you just don’t have, then that’s taking the ‘fake it’ advice a bit too literally. You want to project confidence in order to be successful, but if you don’t have experience that you need, it’s helpful to simply start from the first step on the ladder and work your way up. If you’re really a perfect fit – no matter what it is – you’ll get in a groove and even skip a few rungs in no time.

Have you ever been told to fake it till you make it? Let me know your thoughts on this advice!

<3 Mish


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