The first day of spring was a few days ago and that means one thing: spring cleaning. When the temps start warming up and the flowers start blooming, we want to freshen up our houses, our wardrobes, and of course, our skin. We all know that the dry, harsh climate of winter can make skin feel dull and tired. So how to fix it? Well, you can hydrate all you want, but drinking water alone won’t totally help you achieve that springy glow (see how I debunked this myth here). So I break out my first aid kit of super-hydrating products that come to your skin’s rescue with their moisturizing power.

beauty first aid products to fix dry skin

1) belif First Aid Anti-Hangover Soothing Mask – This gel mask from the much-loved Korean beauty brand belif works wonders for stressed skin. Ultra-soothing herbs like chamomile and lavender reinvigorate skin and leave you with an energized glow. The best part? It’s an overnight mask, so you’ll start your day feeling calmed and refreshed.

2) First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lotion – If it’s the skin on your body that’s feeling dry, try this lightweight lotion from First Aid Beauty. The calming properties of colloidal oatmeal combined with white tea extract and shea butter work together to create a barrier that locks in moisture and make your skin feel smooth again. It’s so hydrating that it even works great for anyone with skin conditions like eczema. And for those with allergies, good news: it’s fragrance-free. Created for use in warmer temperatures, this lotion is a lighter-than-air version of the Ultra Repair Cream, another (much creamier) pick for serious cases.

3) Clinique ‘Moisture Surge’ Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 – This favorite daily moisturizer gives skin a surge of hydration and helps plump up any tired-looking areas with 24 hours of moisture. It’s so lightweight that you can liberally spot-apply it on any problem areas throughout the day and it’ll still look natural. The SPF 15 is a bonus too.

4) Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 – Dry, cracked lips are an issue we’re all familiar with but this lip balm from Jack Black instantly moisturizes and protects from the elements, making any chapped, irritated lips plump and healthy again. It’s chock full of antioxidants with four awesome combos to choose from – refreshing grapefruit & ginger, protective black tea & blackberry, super-soothing shea butter & vitamin e, or classic original.

What soothing products are in your first aid kit?

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