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Cold cream is one of those legendary beauty products that you always hear about but may not have ever used. It’s available at drug stores and beauty supply shops for a very low price, and it’s actually a great product to keep in your bathroom because there are so many ways to use it. Stories abound of older women with perfect, youthful looking skin that claim they use nothing on their face but cold cream. I can’t guarantee that cold cream will give you perfect skin, but here are my five favorite ways to use it:


  1. Eye makeup remover: Scoop out a grape-sized amount of cold cream and using your fingers rub it in a circular motion over your eye. Then use a washcloth or a cotton ball and wipe the cold cream off. Your eyes will be squeaky clean, and there won’t be any product residue!
  2. Face wash: Apply a liberal amount of cold cream on your face, massage it into the skin, and then wipe it off with a dry or warm washcloth. Rinse your face with warm water, and then pat it dry.
  3. Facemask: Cover your face in a thin layer of cold cream, and then let it sit for five to seven minutes. Sit back, relax, and read a magazine for a few minutes. Then use a washcloth (dry or damp based on your preference) to wipe the cold cream off, rinse your face with warm water, and wash your face as you normally would.
  4. Skin Softener: Rub a small amount of cold cream onto your knees, elbows, heels, or any other spot of skin that needs some serious moisture. This is a great alternative to using Aquaphor, Vaseline, or other petroleum jelly-based products.
  5. Sunburn soother: Apply cold cream over the affected area, using about half the amount you’d use if it were a regular lotion or cream.

How do you use cold cream?
Tell me in the comments section – I’m always curious to see what this product does for people!

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