The necessity of toner has been debated for years now. Not too long ago, women and men (especially teenagers) would cleanse their faces with a toner-soaked cotton ball morning and night. Today most dermatologists agree that toner is an unnecessary step in the daily skincare routine. But plenty of people still insist that their skin does not feel clean without a little toning. Which is fine, as long as your toner doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight. That taut, tingly sensation actually indicates dryness. The purpose of toner is to remove any dirt or residue left behind by your face wash, not to strip the skin of its natural oils.

People with oily or acne-prone skin benefit most from adding toner to their routine. If you love that squeaky-clean feeling, look for a toner that contains some moisturizing ingredients and use it only once a day or every other day. And steer clear of any product containing alcohol, which is too drying even for the oiliest skin. Here are a few good options, whatever your skincare needs may be.


Or if you’re in the mood for a DIY, try my Champagne Toner!

Where do you stand on the toner debate?

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