With the holidays approaching, travel is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. Whether you’re driving, flying, or taking the train, it’s important to consider making tweaks to your skincare regime en route to your destination. Traveling can be insanely stressful, so make some beauty preparations ahead of time to check one thing off your list.

Hydration is crucial for travelling, both inside and out. The worst thing you can do while traveling is let yourself get dehydrated. In the few days leading up to take off you should drinks lots of water and eat fruits and veggies. Then the day you plan to travel, exfoliate your skin to remove flakes of dead skin, and then moisturize your face and body, and be sure to put on eye cream. If you’re flying, avoid salty foods like pretzels and peanuts. You don’t want to deprive your body of much-needed moisture! Drink lots of water and herbal tea throughout the flight, and avoid caffeine and alcohol. If you feel like you need to cleanse your face mid-flight, use face wipes instead of actually washing your face. The low humidity will suck the moisture out of damp skin. Also, who wants to put airplane water on their face?

Another rule to follow while traveling to keep your skin in tip-top shape is to wear minimal makeup. At most, wear a small amount of tinted moisturizer, but skip the other products because you want to let your skin breathe as much as possible. If you really feel like you need the coverage and want to wear foundation, apply a layer of primer after your moisturizer to create a barrier. And, as always, avoid touching your face. You don’t want to clog your pores with the oils from your fingers!

In addition to the products that I’m bringing with me to my destination, I also like to pack a small bag that has a few skincare essentials to keep handy at all times throughout the trip:


L’Occitane Lavendar Hand Cream, Pond’s Original Fresh Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, Lancome Bienfait Multi-Vital SPF 30 Lotion, Rosebud Salve

Use the moisturizer whenever you feel your skin getting dry, and apply hand cream liberally. Having a lip balm on hand is great because you can use it on your cuticles and as a highlighter for your cheekbones post-travel. Blotting papers will get rid of any excess oil. Face wipes are perfect for cleansing mid-trip, and they’re also great if you need to freshen up right after traveling. When I fly, I love to use them right after landing, and then I apply a little tinted moisturizer and highlighter just to give myself a little glow.

What are you go-to skincare tips and products? Share them in the comments section!

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