Who else is digging up skirts and spring dresses that have been in storage for the last six months? It’s like they’re new again ^_^. Skirts and shoes both come in so many varieties that it can become a little daunting trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Getting it wrong can throw off your outfit game while getting it just right takes it to the next level. Keep these tips handy throughout summer!

Spring Skirt & Shoe Pairing Guide | MichellePhan.com

1. Midi Skirt: Midi skirts come in basically every style, so each of those have to be considered before you reach for those shoes. Light and airy or pleated like the above? Wedges can be very chic. More of a fit ‘n flare like a longer version of the skater skirt? Flats and flip-flops look great.

2. Pencil Skirts: A classic skirt that may seem a little old school at this point, the pencil can be ideal for spring if it comes in a floral pattern or bright color. With a skirt this fitted, it’s important that balance is created in the shoe – beware of going too chunky with a thick sandal or sneaker. Instead, keep it classic with a pointed pump in a daring shade. Keep in mind the importance of an appropriate heel height; if your pencil skirt is short like the mini, you may not want to go too high.

3. Skater Skirts: Skater skirts are all the rage, and one of the more modern skirt styles to experiment with this season. Since it comes outward instead of adding length, you don’t really need to focus on elongating the leg. Flat-lovers rejoice, because this is one of the few skirts that always looks good with flats!

4. Maxi Skirts: Like midi skirts, maxi skirts can provide a fabulous opportunity to sport a spring staple – wedges! However, it all depends on the length of the skirt. If you’re short, wedges could be the perfect solution to a floor length maxi. If you’re taller, this is a great time to break out stylish, strappy sandals.

5. Mini Skirts. There’s bound to be hot days this spring and summer when you can’t imagine wearing much more than a mini skirt and a tank top. For those days, comfortable sandals (but again, nothing too bulky) are the way to go. Flats can look a little misplaced and heels may be a little overboard given the short length, but a basic flat sandal = the perfect balance.

What are you most looking forward to wearing as the weather warms up?

<3 Mish


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