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Winter weather is behind more than snow days and the necessity for faux fur coats. It’s the culprit behind dry skin and frizzy hair. It can also intensify the amount of static cling in your life. Static cling means there is an electric charge in your clothes, and can cause a silk dress to bunch up on your tights instead of following as you walk with confidence. No one wants that, especially when you’re looking to make a great first impression! Luckily, static is actually easy to combat. So, open your bathroom cabinet and get ready to battle this nasty fashion foe. 

Girl In Black Dress with No Static

Hairspray – Spritzing a little hairspray on the inside of your clothes or on your tights will instantly cut cling. Make sure to use an aerosol hairspray and hold the can roughly 8 inches away from the affected fabric. This will disperse an even mist and prevent your clothes from over saturation. 

Lotion – Dry skin loves static, but you don’t need to introduce the two! Rid yourself of an attached a-line skirt when you use moisturizer. Giving your legs a little extra love will mean healthier skin, while the water particles in your lotion will end static instantly. 

Baby Powder – This may not be your first choice during the winter, but if other methods don’t produce instant results, rub talcum powder on your skin. The powder creates a barrier and removes electric charge faster than you can snap your fingers. This method is wonderful during summer months too, as it keeps your skin from getting clammy. 


Safety Pin - Safety pins probably aren’t stacking up in your medicine cabinet, but they are likely still littered around your house. By attaching a small safety pin to the inside of your clothes, out of sight from the common eye, your fabrics will be cling-free. The metal of the pin prevents electricity from building up. Consider this your secret weapon or hidden hero when it comes to avoiding more than one fashion disaster. 

Have do you fight static in your clothes? If you have an at-home remedy I need to hear, share in the comments below. 

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