Each year, trends are left behind in favor of the next big thing. Sometimes that big thing is actually better and sometimes they’re better left untested. This year I’ve already come across a few beauty trends that are more surprising than even the craziest beauty treatments. Interestingly enough, all of the ones I’ve rounded up here have to do with achieving a new hair look – be it eyelashes or armpits. See what I mean when you check out the strange new trends up for consideration in 2015:

Five Strange Beauty Trends in 2015 / MichellePhan.com

1. Frizzed-Out Hair

This year, you apparently no longer need to fight the frizz! The runway gods have spoken, and frizz is officially in. From subtle wisps to an all out mess, the tousled look has been taken to a whole new level in the Spring 2015 runway shows. So leave the smoothing serum behind and let your strands stray. This should be a relief for some, right?

2. Smudged Mascara

Another trend for Spring 2015 might make you rethink all your past efforts to get a clean eyelash look. We’ve all dreaded smudged mascara and the havoc it can wreak on our makeup, but it’s actually becoming a sought after tactic for creating a more softened, smoky look around the eyes. Instead of (or in addition to) using a smudge brush to soften the strokes of a pencil liner, you could allow the mascara want to get a little messy during application – and forgo any perfecting. The thin smudges along your lash line will evoke a bit more drama than you’re average eye makeup might.

3. Dyed Underarm Hair

Yes, you read that right. This is quite the deviation from this year’s runways, but it has been gaining traction ever since last fall. What started off as an experiment with a hair colorist and a little blue dye quickly took off as a symbol of the freedom of expression all over blogs and Instagram. While for most of us, just the thought of having enough hair there to dye at all seems a little crazy, some see it as a feminist movement about embracing body hair, and others hopped on this trend as a fun way to express individuality. To each her own!

4. Mesh Hair Dryers

After reading about this new type of hair dryer diffuser – one that’s more like a mesh bag than a plastic tool – from Japanese brand YS Park and used by hairstylists at NYFW, I got the feeling that these will be influencing the masses in no time. It’s an innovative tool stylists love for creating softer, diffused heat without the uncomfortable and oftentimes ineffective traditional diffuser. So far it’s generally just used by professionals, but it might just be the next big thing. Check it out here.

5. Eyebrow Extensions

Move over lashes, there’s a new showstopper in town. While it’s been a couple years since bold, unruly brows took over the beauty scene, this trend doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon (thankfully!). Given that many of us aren’t gifted with naturally full eyebrows, filling them in usually does the trick. But just like mascara doesn’t always achieve the full lashes extensions create, bold brow lovers are looking to extensions to give them the volume their makeup doesn’t. Like lash extensions, this treatment needs to be maintained every few weeks as opposed to requiring daily application, and can take the place of your brow pencil or powder.

So, could you get behind any of these trends? Or are they going a bit too far?

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