Style Guide: How to Pair Skirts & Boots

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A look that I’ve always loved but have found difficult to pull off is to wear a skirt and a pair of boots. Wearing boots with a dress is a pretty standard and chic out. A skirt with boots sometimes looks effortlessly stylish on the runway, but on the street it can look a little reminiscent of a school uniform. But I think that there are definitely chic and stylish ways to rock an awesome pair of boots with a beautiful skirt. For a more classic look, pair an A-line skirt with equestrian boots. If you have an edgier style, try wearing a flouncy mini-skirt with biker boots. To get the elegant bohemian vibe, throw on a pair of cute ankle booties with a maxi skirt.


 Here’s my guide to wearing skirts and boots together:


Would you ever try out this look? Put together an outfit with skirts and boots, and post links to your photos in the comments section below!

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Photo Credit: Fashion Gone RogueElle 


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