When it comes to pulling off the ultimate polished look this summer, tanned skin and envied au naturel makeup aren’t the only things to be considered–what’s on our nails is the pinnacle of hot weather beauty. Every brand from Julep to Orly have released their latest collection of vibrant shimmers, neon dreams, and pastel pretties. With so many color options, how do you know which hues to wear this season? I’m a fan of wearing what you love, even if it’s a polish from last season; but during the summer, taking risks and testing the waters with new shades is always fun. Whether you’re rocking a tan or embracing your natural skin tone, my list of summer’s must-have nail polish hues will accentuate your tips and undoubtedly scream happiness, relaxation and free-spirited fun. 

Summers Must Have Nail Polish Colors

essie I’m Addicted – Appropriately named, I am absolutely in LOVE with this vibrant teal hue. When I wear a nail polish like I’m Addicted I can’t help but stare at my nails over and over. It’s fierce and tropical, and looks fabulous on any skin tone. With a subtle accent nail in a neutral like Urban Jungle, your beach bunny days will feel oh-so-right.

NCLA Let Them Eat Cake – This confetti pastel purple is like a party in a bottle-full of blue, plum, radiant orchid and white hexagons. Shades such as this give you the look of nail art without testing your skills. And since I’m always a fan of how pastel nail polish pops against summer skin, why not add this feminine lacquer to your collection?

Julep Flora - Among the lighter shades that are setting the mood for summer must-have colors, a fuchsia shimmer is like a breath of fresh air. Creams are fabulous shades–they apply well and always look clean–but the blue flecks that bounce off the sun’s light when you have Flora on your nails…unbelievable.

Butter of London Fiver – This shade isn’t new in the ranks, but oh is it dreamy. A pastel bluish green, it is a sweet twist on the much lusted after essie shades Mint Candy Apple and Turquoise and Caicos. On light skin tones the color will be feminine and soft, on darker skin it will be the focal point of your entire look.

China Glaze Float On – While pink is undoubtedly one of the most common shades when it comes to nail polish, some shy away from bubble gum pinks. This season, embrace it full on! Opting for a playful, youthful creamy shade instead of a bold shimmering traditional pink will transform your look and get you ready for vacation relaxation.

Revlon Parfumerie Apricot Nectar – Alone or an accent nail, this peach nail polish smells of apricots. What better way to enjoy your summer than with the fresh scent of fruit! Every woman should have a coral shade in her collection – variations ranging from blazing to soft–and this year, pastel can be that tint.

OPI I Just Can’t Cope-acabana – Last year I was loving NCLA Tennis Anyone?–It was a pastel yellow with kick. This year, brighten up your sunshine shades with this Brazil-inspired yellow from OPI. Yellow can be worn year round, but during summer months it shines brightest. Pair the color with an all white outfit or your favorite way to wear denim and violà – so bright and cheery you’ll be glad you have sunglasses on hand.

essie Urban Jungle – This new neutral is a refreshing must. Instead of your usual barely-there beige, Urban Jungle has a hint of lilac in an otherwise solely light tan lacquer. In some lights it pulls white. In others, a soft shade of orchid. And to keep you guessing, an almost greige in other settings. When you need a break from brilliant shades and want a color that goes with anything imaginable, then this is the shade for you.

What’s your favorite nail color for summer?

<3 Mish

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