Sunnies Worth Tweeting About!


Hi everyone,

If you follow me on twitter, then you may have seen the twitpic (above) I posted of my fav sunglasses. Some of the responses to the photo gave me the giggles, like this one from @CoriShara123 :

Gorgeous! :) You kinda look like Kim Kardashian here :D

So silly! ;) Anyhow, since so many people were interested in my circular black sunglasses, I thought I’d post a few different versions I found that mimic the chic half tint of these sexy shades.

Channeling Chanel (, $10 USD/*Also come in brown tortoise shell!)

Chanel 5018 (, asking price: $38 USD)

Large Round Glasses (, $32 USD)

And if you’re feeling really crafty, you could even grab a pair of circular black glasses with clear lenses and replicate the half-tint yourself!

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Tape off the part of the lens you would like to remain clear, and bring two quarts of water to a simmer. Next, mix in one ounce of Rit liquid dye (in either black or dark gray), add five drops of vinegar, and toss your glasses in. Keep the heat very low and check your glasses every 10 minutes until they’ve reached your desired shade. A word of caution; although very cute, your DIY glasses will not protect your eyes from harmful UV-Rays.

So, the next time you’re drooling over an expensive pair of designer sunglasses, take the time to check online and in stores where you can usually get the look for less. You never know where you’ll find a great designer replica or be inspired to put your own spin on something by making it yourself!


What do your favorite sunglasses for summer look like? Snap a photo of your shades and upload it to your profile. Then, share it with the rest of us by left clicking on the image to drag and drop it into the comment field below. I can’t wait to see your fav sunnies!

<3 Mish


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