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Tame the mane!

Hi everyone,

Now that it’s windier and colder in most places, I’d recommend keeping a travel brush on hand to tame that mane. It might sound vain, but making room for these cuties will be no pain! (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

Here are some cute travel-sized hairbrushes that will fit easily into most purses, backpacks, travel cosmetic cases or costume pockets:


  1. Less Is More Mini Brush, Colette, $9.62
  2. Swissco Purse Comb in Tortoise, Amazon.com, $3.99
  3. Sanrio Pop-Up Travel Hairbrush – Flower & Strawberry Hello Kitty Folding Hair Brush and Compact Mirror, Amazon.com, $9.50
  4. Hoopla Mini Oval Folding Cushion Brush, Amazon.com, $0.99
  5. Swissco Oakwood Military Hair Brush, Swissco, $13
  6. Travel Hair Brush, Frederic Fekkai, Space NK, $55
  7. Military Hair Brush, Harry Koenig, Amazon.com, $18.40
  8. Henna Pop-Up Brush, Sephora Collection, Sephora, $8
  9. Acca Kappa Rectangular Travel Pneumatic Beech Wood Brush, Amazon.com, $35
  10. Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle Brush, Barneys, $99
  11. Tangle Teezer Compact Styler Professional Detangling Brush, ASOS, $21.95
  12. Advance Techniques Travel Brush with Mirror, Avon, $3.99

Also, stash a travel-sized perfume in your purse to keep your hair smelling great: Lightly spray the perfume onto the brush and comb through your hair for an instant scent refresher–perfect for those days you don’t have time to wash your hair before going out.


Whether you’re party hopping or simply braving the weather on your way to class, keep these brushes and my grooming on the go tips in mind as the both the weather and our hair continue to surprise!

Do you have any other on-the-go hair help?

Share in the comments below!

<3 Mish

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