Oh, the selfie. Our social media feeds are filled with them, from our BFFs to our fave celebs. It’s become a household name and a daily practice, and you could even say it’s become an art form. Gone are the days of snapping a pic, adding just one filter, and posting. Now there are more apps than ever to adjust your selfie to get that perfect shot, from simple filters, to adding glittery text, to editing out your dark circles and blemishes. Here are 12 selfie editing apps that’ll up your photo game stat.

the best selfie photo editing apps

1. Snug – We all know that taking a great selfie isn’t the only factor in creating an awesome Instagram profile – it’s also how you curate your entire Instagram theme. But making sure your pics look cohesive can be hard from post to post. Here’s where Snug comes in. This app lets you preview your next post on your existing account, so you can see how it’ll match up to your recent pics, making it way easier to attain a beautiful Instagram feed.
2. VSCO – A pro photographer favorite, VSCO is an editing app that gives you near unlimited options for editing as well as a lively community to share your images with. The camera controls include your fave go-to’s like contrast and brightness, as well as more advanced options like shadow/highlights and structure. Plus, VSCO offers in-app purchases for limited edition filters too. After editing, share your pics onto your VSCO profile’s grid, and browse through curated content from the app’s community.
3. Afterlight – If you’re looking strictly for a photo editor, Afterlight is the app for you. It offers 15 adjustment tools, 74 different filters including staple filters as well as the fresh new options they drop periodically. You can add light leaks and gritty film noise – 78 textures in all. Top it all off with one of 128 frames perfect for uploading to Instagram.
4. Enlight – Enlight is the app for the artist in each of us. You can apply presets that make your selfies look like paintings, or combine your pic with other photos to create water colored collages. It even has paintbrush options so you can add cool paint splatters or spills to your selfie. The creativity is endless!
5. Facetune - Created by the same company that makes Enlight, Facetune is another powerful app geared specifically toward enhancing your own beauty. Touch up your dark eye circles, smooth out your skin, add some color to your cheeks, and remove any flyaway strands of hair. It’s like Photoshop for your phone, with incredible pro-quality results.
6. Bubble – Ever take the perfect selfie, but want to add a quirky caption to it? Bubble is the app that lets everyone hear what you have to say. Choose from a great selection of fonts and colors, add a cute comic speech bubble to your pic, and share to social straight from the app.
7. Insta Emoji – Emojis are everywhere these days, and who doesn’t love them? They offer the perfect expressions and cute cartoon symbols. With the Insta Emoji app you can even add emojis to your selfies. Choose your emoji sticker, resize it, and rotate it. It’s super fun for group photos… You can turn your faces into big emojis.
8. Cortex Cam – Ever want to take the perfect selfie, but in less than perfect lighting? Cortex Cam is the app to save the day. It extends your camera’s exposure and uses advanced image processing techniques to enhance photos in low-light situations, perfect for those nighttime selfie shots.
9. Kawaii Photo – If your selfie isn’t already cute enough, download the Kawaii Photo editor app. After all, Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese. Similar to Insta Emoji, this app lets you add cartoon stickers to your selfies, but they’ve got the big bubbly eyes that we all love from Kawaii culture.
10. WordSwag - I’ve mentioned this app before, but WordSwag comes to the rescue if you want to add inspiring text to photos. It lets you add text to your selfies in beautifully laid out compositions and fonts. Plus, you can search through their library of quotes and messages if you’re ever at a loss for words.
11. Fragment – Here’s another app that lets you get artistic with your pics. Fragment slices and edits your photos to create prism-like art pieces. The results are stunning collages with unique frames and patterns.
12. Photoshop Fix – If you’re already Photoshop-savvy and want all the tools of the desktop program on your phone, download Photoshop Fix. All the tools for retouching are at hand — from smoothing out skin to healing and patching any blemishes, and so much more. Photoshop Express is another great option!

How do you edit your selfies?


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