The 5 Craziest Summer Beauty Treatments

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How far would you go for beauty?  Crazy beauty treatments have been used for centuries to help women achieve glowing skin and shiny hair.  Cleopatra used to make her own lipstick with crushed up ants, beetle blood and beeswax.   In 1603 A.D., geishas and Japanese women used nightingale droppings in facials to lighten their skin and balance skin tone.  In the past few years, strange ingredients like snail slime have become a popular staple in many face creams.  So the question is – how far is too far?? Take a look at these 5 modern-day summer beauty treatments that modern-day women are indulging in and decide for yourself:


1. Pure Gold Facial.
Have you heard of this truly lavish take on the basic facial? Gold is believed by some to have many skin benefits, like rejuvenation and firming. The ancient Egyptians often relied on the healing powers of gold, and nowadays it’s making a modern day appearance in spas all over the world. To keep your face glistening like – well, gold this summer, you can book an appointment at a luxury spa like this one for a series of facials that cover your skin in 24 Karat Gold.  Is it worth it? It’s hard to say.  Will you feel like a million bucks afterwards? Probably ^_^


2. Going No-‘Poo.
The need to shampoo and condition twice per shower is a myth, but what about not washing at all? Many women say it’s more natural, feels better, and even makes their hair look prettier. There are many reasons for wanting to give up shampoo altogether, and the summer months are when your hair’s worst enemy – humidity – rears its ugly head.  Instead of dealing with shampoos and conditioners that can dry out your hair or make it dependent on them, advocates of the no-shampoo method say eliminating products from your hair routine will pave your way to glossy, natural locks. To help avoid greasy hair without going back to shampoo, try my apple cider vinegar recipe to revitalize your strands.



3. The Fish Pedicure.
Okay, this is a really crazy one – to get flip-flop ready feet, some people are getting fish pedicures, which involve Garra rufa (or doctor fish, as they’re often called). According to Discovery Health, these small fish nibble (they don’t have teeth to bite with) submerged feet during a soak that’s been used for over 100 years in Turkey to treat skin conditions like psoriasis. And now, apparently more and more people in the US have been swapping their normal pedi for this interesting (to put it lightly) alternative. Before you make your feet fish food, beware – this crazy treatment is banned in many US states for being unsanitary.



4. Bacial.
The bacial, or back facial, is an increasingly popular way to get summer ready skin. After all, your face isn’t the only place that can break out – some women find it very important that their back is just as smooth and baby-soft as their face. Your swimsuit might thank you for this one! If you’d rather save your money, exfoliate your back with my DIY Lemonade Cleansing Scrub instead.



5. Potato Sunburn Treatment.
While protecting your skin in the summer is a must, sunburns can seem inevitable. One natural way to treat sunburns is with potatoes – yup, your favorite mashed veggie is also a natural sunburn soother (they also get rid of dark circles). Who knew? Here’s a DIY potato paste that is said to help ease the burn and soothe the skin. And make sure to try one of my sunburn-soothing solutions! I’ll be writing a post soon about other surprising ways to ease the pain of sunburns, so stay tuned :)


Would you ever consider trying any of these unusual beauty trends? What other surprising beauty treatments have you heard of? Tell me in the comments!

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