You may have seen that one of the many intriguing things I’ve learned about and endlessly enjoy studying as a student of life is sacred geometry. This concept, which essentially explains many of the processes and patterns used in the creation of our universe, (“geometry” means “Earth measure” after all) is a holistic concept that has ancient roots but modern applications. It would be impossible to sum up what I’ve learned here, and definitely not everything I’ve yet to learn. But hopefully my introduction will give you a whole new appreciation for the universe and its processes. 

Basics of Sacred Geometry

When you study nature, you see patterns – from the petals of a flower to the way a seashell forms a logarithmic spiral. People started studying these natural patterns and recognizing that perhaps the universe was created to follow this specific design. This idea goes back as far as humans have been questioning the universe, and can be seen in numerous cultures and religions – it has influenced many people in some way. These phenomenal patterns aren’t just marveled in nature, their powerful designs are incorporated into everything humans do, like the architecture of religious structures from the Parthenon to Buddhist temples and more modern innovation like geodesic domes. Not only is this concept fascinating to observe throughout history (at least to me!), it has major implications in our modern world.

To understand sacred geometry, you must first understand the basics of geometry – like how squares, circles, triangles and other, more complex shapes are formed. For example, the triangle is the most stable shape, representing unity, balance and the power of three. This basic shape is the basis for more complex forms. Like the elements of Earth, these naturally occurring shapes are all part of the patterns that make up the universe. In terms of the Earth’s elements, the tetrahedron (one of the platonic solids which is an important concept in sacred geometry) represents fire. The cube represents Earth, and so on. But – I’ll have to touch on that more later!

One of my favorite representations of sacred geometry is the flower of life, a pattern created with overlapping circles in a hexagonal pattern, a symbol of the intricate connectedness of all life. This form has been seen across cultures for centuries in math, science, art and healing.

It takes time to fully immerse yourself in one of life’s patterns – let alone all of them. I suggest finding a pattern or symbol your drawn to, and then researching it to learn more about it throughout history and in nature. This is one school of thought I will always find myself learning more about! 

How has sacred geometry influenced your life? Share below!

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