As much as I love the real deal, beauty is the tech space is pretty badass. I’m not talking about some virtual reality stuff, though that would be amazing as well. I’m speaking more to the best beauty apps on the market that allow you to do everything from try on the lipstick shade you’ve been lusting after to get instant dermatology advice about your skin. Seriously, what aren’t we able to do via cell phone any more? Here’s six you need to download, stat!

Beauty apps

YouCam Makeup- If you’re undecided about what look to wear this weekend, no sweat. With YouCam Makeup, you can use a real time camera to try on various looks and colors. You can change the shape of your eyeliner and the color intensity of your lips. Makeup Genius also allows you to do this, but the reason YouCam Makeup takes the cake, is the makeup options look much more wearable. Unless you’re searching the costume makeup category, of course.

77Looks - Waiting in line for the subway? No worries. Brush up on your makeup tutorials with this app that stores tons of excellent tips videos all in one place. Whether you’re looking for something specific or trying to find new makeup beauties to follow, 77Looks is a wonderful place to start.

Hair Color Changer – The name says it all. If you’re dying to try the latest rainbow hair trend, but aren’t ready to hit the salon, then give Hair Color Changer a few seconds of your time and see what you’ll look like after the dye sets in. Even if you’re not craving lavender locks, you’ll for sure get lost in trying every color under the sun on your mane. Aren’t you curious what you’d look like with hot pink strands?

Spruce – All this makeup research leads nowhere if your skin isn’t at its best. With Spruce you can tap into a network of Dermatologists who can build a skin profile for you, offer advice and give you a personalized treatment plan. They can help you with everything from acne to rashes and more. The catch with this app is it’s $40 for a virtual consultation. But that’s a small price to pay to not have to wait to go to a doctor’s office.

Sephora to Go – No real need to go in-depth about Sephora to Go, except to say that it’s LOADED with goodies. There are tips and tricks, mobile offers and you can purchase product with a few clicks on your mobile. On the go beauty purchasing, yes please!

OPI Virtual Studio - One of the first nail studios to grace our phones, the OPI app allows you to virtually try on every color in their catalog. The app keeps you in the know about the latest collections, gives you specifics regarding retired shades, and my favorite feature, lets you customize your skin tone and nail length. The latter is an essential feature for trying on new polishes–even if you don’t end up buying an OPI hue, you’ll know exactly what a similar shade from another brand looks like on your tips.

NailSnaps – And if you’re looking for the most original nail art around, how about turning your own Instagram pics into nail wrap masterpieces? NailSnaps makes wearable art from your photos and ships them directly to you. I can’t think of a better way to start rocking the fiercest nail art around.

These aren’t the only must-have apps out there. Soon I’ll be sharing ones to help you glam up in person.

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