Whether or not you’ve decided to make or skip new years resolutions, the beginning of the year is a great time to conduct an investigation into the beauty products you’ve been using for the past several months. Most of us beauty obsessed have more than our fair share of products filling the shelves – but is it time to give them a refresh? Not only does purging your beauty lead to a more minimal, clutter-free lifestyle, it ensures that you only collect what you’ll actually wear and feel your best in. You might be surprised at just how long it’s been since you’ve purged your product…

Why and How to Do a Full Beauty Purge


The first order of business is to make sure you’re not abusing your skin with old makeup products. In fact, if you find cosmetics in your collection that are well over a year old, you might as well toss them and free up some precious space. For everything else, here’s a good rule of thumb:

• Powders like foundation, blush, and shadow: 1 year
• Mascara + liquid liner: 3 months to avoid spreading bacteria to your eyes
• Pencils: 6 months
• Cream concealers and blushes: 6 months—1 year
• Lipstick: 1 year
• Sponges: 1 month, less if not cleaned in between uses

So your products passed the expiration date test? Onto the next step…


An obvious reason one might need to do a beauty purge is because the makeup they have isn’t quite right for their skin tone or current skin needs. If you’ve been holding onto concealer or foundation that’s not the right skin tone, now is the time to finally give it up. (Though, if it’s still in the package you can re-gift it to a beauty-loving friend – there’s no reason for it to go to waste!). Similarly with skincare products, you want to make sure that you’re only keeping products on hand that actually help your skin – not that hurt it or don’t do anything at all. Yep, that means gifts, freebies or purchases that just no longer make sense for your skin’s needs – all to be tossed. The caveat to this is that if you’re doing a beauty purge in winter you can keep around makeup that will match your darker complexion come summer – as long as it won’t be expired by then!

Now that you’ve successfully rid your beauty cupboard of expired and misfit items, the next thing is to purge your stash of anything you won’t actually use… ever.


Give each item left in your stash thoughtful consideration. There’s no shame in having a big collection! However, if you’ve got a ton of stuff that you impulsively bought (been there) because of fleeting trends or special occasions, now is the time to consider whether or not you’d ever dip into the makeup again. Of course, it’s nice to keep a few bolder products on lock – that rarely used vampy lipstick might come in handy on Valentine’s Day, for example – but for the most part, there’s no reason to keep every little thing.

Finally, the only thing in left in question should be any makeup that’s suffered past mishaps. Attempt to fix broken makeup first. If these methods don’t work, it’s time to toss!

• Powder – If you’ve been avoiding using broken makeup, but don’t want to part with it quite yet, simply pour a bit of rubbing alcohol onto your cracked powder

• Nail polish – Salvage thick or clumpy nail polish using this method, but throw out if it’s too unruly to get a good coat on – If this is the case, it’s probably expired or has been stored properly for too long.

Are you going to do a beauty purge this month? Let me know how it goes!

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