There was a time when all beauty sponges were cream colored wedges, and not quite as versatile as we’d like. (Exactly why I’ve often used a foundation brush.) But nowadays there’s the blender—Beautyblender has become a household name—eye makeup applicator sponges, fancy puffs and yeah, some wedges too. Each has a slightly different use, but one goal: to blend product flawlessly and naturally.

Beauty Sponge Breakdown

With them all having a common goal, you’d think a one-size-fits-all approach would work. But with so many sponge shape and sizes (and honestly, very enticing colors) on the market right now, it’s worth experimenting to find which you personally prefer most. The iconic (in the beauty world, at least) Beautyblender mentioned above is probably the most versatile. Its varied shape allows you to use it for different areas of the face, such as the pointed edge for more target areas like under eyes and around the nose, while the wider edge can sweep foundation evenly across larger surfaces. Another all over option is a round sponge or even a luxurious sponge-like puff. If you’re the powder-and-go type of girl, this might be all you need. It wouldn’t hurt to try these heart shape sponges in honor of Valentine’s Day, either!

Some round sponges are created for tinted moisturizers and creams, though you could still use them with powders or liquid foundation. These Cashmere Touch Double Sided Sponges don’t leave as much excess product behind as others, since they absorb less during application, and provide a natural finish. But when getting to those harder to reach places, there are plenty of people who still swear by the wedge (preferably rainbow!) to do the trick.

For even more specific coverage, something a little more specialized can work magic. If you need a little help creating perfectly blended eye shadow (one of the biggest challenges in blending), you might try something like the Make Up For Ever Beauty Applicator for precise application. It’s especially helpful when getting creative with the inner corners of lids or crease, for example. If brushes aren’t doing the trick, a foam applicator is the way to go, and similarly come in foundation sizes too.

What sponges are you dying to try?

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