When it comes to nails, I think we all aim for a salon quality mani every time. Of course, hardly any of us can actually achieve the level of a professional, yet it’s not exactly practical to hit up the salon every week. A good manicure can be tricky and time consuming, so I thought we could all use a little brushing up on our polish products and the tools to get the job done.

Best Nail Polish Products for Rookies | Michelle Phan

Tat Up – No one has time to waste on designs that are impossible to paint on. If you want the fun look of an intricate nail design but are heading out the door, just peel off some of these nail tattoos. You don’t even have to paint your nails beforehand! Placing them on bare nails will give off a subtle sparkle just like those gold Flash Tattoos did all last summer.

Spray It Don’t Paint It – If you’re new to the world of the at-home mani, you might try a different approach. Have you used the Nails Inc Spray Can? Just like many DIY pros use spray paint rather than a brush, the can version eliminates the need to be ridiculously accurate. But if you want to see if it’s worth the hype, you’ll have to sign up for the wait list on their site.

Do It All – One of the biggest challenges for rookie polishers is finding a formula that has staying power, combats chipping, AND offers great color. For this trifecta, you just might want to go the drugstore route. L’Oreal’s Infalliable Pro Last Nailcolor offers color that easily glides on and a topcoat that lasts and protect. The best part? It’s streak free, which can often feel impossible to find in pretty spring hues. And if you want to add a little flair a la nail art to the solid color, grab a lacquer with a thinner precision brush like Sally Hansen’s Nail Striper to create clean lines and playful edges like in the photo above.

Wrap It – Like nail stickers, nail wraps such as the crazy popular Jamberry or NCLA nail wraps are a fun way to step up your nail game… No pro skills needed!. Simply place them on your nail, apply heat and file off the tip. Wraps comes in almost as many designs as nail art itself, so it’s easy to look polished (no pun intended) without the effort.

Top It – Perhaps the most genius way to get a nail art look while you’re still in the midst of practicing skills is the Jin Soon’s Polka White top coat from their toppings collection. It gives off the illusion of a detailed design by layering on a smattering of white dots of different sizes. All you have to do is swipe on a base coat before application.

Last but not least, it’s nice to have a few DIY nail hacks up your sleeve so you can achieve pro polish with items you have just laying around the house:

1. Grab some scotch tape, lace or even a loofah, and use as a stencil over your nail, painting over the top to create a fun and easy pattern.

2. If you’re one of the trillion girls who love the matte look, you can actually create your own… Just mix some clear top coat with a fun shade of eyeshadow and voila. Matte manicure complete.

3. Using the tip of a bobby pin, create polka dots that will fool even your manicurist.

4. Prevent nail polish bubbles using these quick tips.

Rookies, have you tried these tips? Nail polish pros, what advice do you have for those just discovering the world of nail art?

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