It’s no secret that I love science and all things space. Our world is so small compared to what’s yet to be explored and learning about what’s out there is truly fascinating. Not only is it interesting, but beautiful! Images of the Milky Way, nebula and constellations all look like stunning works of art. It’s no wonder these prints and patterns are plastered all over everything from hoodies to leggings lately, and I’m jumping right on board!

Galaxy & Space Fashion

Crop Top with Whatever Space Dye, Galaxy Printed Skater Dress, Galaxy Stars Graphic Shirt, Dazzling Galaxy Print Sweatshirt

Galaxy prints come in all sorts of color schemes like pastels and jewel tones, and the best ones have tones that bleed into one another like watercolor. A cheeky or inspiring phrase over the top adds intrigue – no better way to flaunt that you’re a dreamer than with an otherworldly backdrop, right? You can dress up for a space chic ensemble or add some interstellar flair to your basic crewneck too.

Galaxy & Space Fashion
Nails, Inc. ‘Galaxy’, Vans Galaxy Print SneakersSpiral Galaxy Backpack, Galaxy Leggings

You can also get the look with galaxy-inspired accessories and details. For the subtle space-lover, a celestial mani is the way to go. You can choose from glittery space nail polish like ‘Galaxy’ by Nails, Inc. or even mix up your own by laying on splotches of different colored polish. My favorite bold interpretation of the galaxy trend? Those vibrant leggings! Sleek, shiny and super unique – I just have to say it – they are out of this world.

Galaxy fashion – yay or nay? Share your thoughts below.

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