Wearing high gloss during warm weather months isn’t a new trend. We want the shiniest and dewiest beauty to give us a polished look even when the sun is strong. It’s how we maintain that high shine during these months that is the trickiest part. With toasty temperatures and days spent in the water, our makeup can either run or begin to look dull way too quick. Luckily, a sleek and slippery finish that lasts as long as you want isn’t unobtainable. Follow these dos and dont’s for the best in high shine.

High Shine Beauty


DON’T Skip the Top Coat – Between sun and water our manicures can look unintentionally matte in a matter of days. Applying top coat over your dry polish will seal in the color, prevent your polish from chipping and give your nails a diamond shine when the sun trickles over your tips. Top coat, plus these nail maintenance steps will preserve your mani perfectly.

DO Try a Gel or Gel-like Manicure - If you’re not the type of girl who changes her polish ever few days, then there is no better time to get a gel mani and pedi. They last up to 2 weeks and deliver the ultimate shine payoff. During vacation season gels are a great way to ensure your manicure is tip-top for your entire getaway. And if you want the payoff without the process, then try OPI Infinite Shine lacquer in a fun shade like Withstands the Test of Thyme–no light required and 10 days of glass-like shine!


DON’T Forget the Primer - Too much gloss or shimmer on the lids, even if it’s a dusty pastel, can look tacky and slide off when things heat up. Product can bunch up into creases and leave you looking disheveled. If you’re planning on applying any product with shine, reach for the eyeshadow primer first. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Minor Sin, not only sets your makeup but gives your lids an immediate dewy finish.

DO Add a Little Vaseline - Take your eyeshadow up a notch by giving it the slight appearance of being wet. When the days of gliding a cream shadow on aren’t exciting enough, or you’re trying to light up your eyes for a sahara night, dab Vaseline over your eyelid or premix with your shadow before applying. The glimmering Stila Jewel Eye Shadow in Golden Topaz looks stunning with a sleek finish.


DON’T Go Without Lip Liner - If you’re wearing a sheer gloss with just a hint of color, by all means, embrace your application. But if you’re reaching for those vibrant Color Elixir shades like Fuchsia Flourish or Vision in Violet, then start by lining your lips with a similar hue or clear lip liner. Lining your pout keeps gloss from sliding and feathering.

DO Exfoliate Your Lips - Just like when wearing red lipstick, exfoliating during the summer and before applying a shiny lip product is key. This will allow your lips to look smooth and product to glide on instead of bleed into cracks. A mirror-like shine is way more flattering than slippery clumps.

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