Let’s get real for a second and talk about something we spend a lot of time avoiding: the dreaded breakout. Even the smallest pimple can be uncomfortable and distracting. But there’s hope! Along with a cleansing skincare routine, a monthly facial regimen, and healthy diet to help prevent acne, there’s an easy quick-fix method if you need to cover up that blemish ASAP.

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1) Reduce swelling - The first step to reducing the visibility of a breakout is to eliminate the swelling and flatten it out. You’ll want to use ice to calm the area first, and then pull out your secret weapon: eye drops! It’s an unexpected solution, but eye drops like Visine are a vasoconstrictor – meaning they narrow blood vessels and reduce redness, just like how they work for dry, red eyes.

2) Moisturize and treat - To help clear away the bacteria and dry up any fluid, try using a benzoyl peroxide solution like Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix to help shrink the blemish. Then spot-treat the area with a tinted blemish cream like Clearasil Tinted Cream as the foundation of the cover-up process. It’ll continue treating the breakout while the light tint will help hide it.

3) Color correct to conceal - Since a pimple is red, you’ll want to use a concealer of the opposite color to neutralize that area’s skin tone. A green concealer like this color corrector from Smashbox will reduce redness (then throw it in your bag and take it with you for touchups throughout the day). To make sure the concealer blends smoothly into the area around your breakout, make sure you dab it on and tap it with makeup blender as opposed to dragging it across the area.

4) Add foundation - After letting the concealer set it on for a minute or two, apply a thin layer of foundation. Remember, you’re aiming to look natural and neutral, and too thick an application of foundation might cast shadows around the acne that will only draw attention to it. Try using a yellow toned product as opposed to anything pink or red – it’ll help neutralize the redness. The Studio Fix Powder from MAC is an ideal weight, gives you a neutralizing matte finish texture, and comes in dozens of shades to match your tone.

5) Set with powder - Now that your blemish is covered, you’ll want to keep it that way for the rest of the day! The last step is to set the foundation and concealer with a loose powder so all your hard work doesn’t go to waste. A light dusting of a mineral-based powder is best, like the Perfecting Veil from bareminerals. The natural ingredients won’t irritate acne and the feathery weight won’t look too bulky around the problem area.

What are you tricks to cover up a breakout? Share below.

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