Hi everyone,

Booties are a great way to welcome the fall weather. They’re chic and functional transition pieces that can be worn so many different ways, and work whether you’re going for a dressy look, a casual look, or something in between.

Those with a petite figure often worry that this style will cut off their leg length. But with every problem, we have a solution!

If you’re petite like me but still want to rock the bootie look, a good trick is to wear black tights in combination with black booties to elongate your legs. You can actually combine any pair of booties with matching stockings to change up your style and add more versatility to your shoes. Just make sure to pick a stocking color that matches your shoe color and try to stick with monochromatic colors that will visually lengthen your leg.

But you don’t have to have to be petite to make use of this trick… the bootie + stocking style works for everyone! Here are some of my favorite booties for the upcoming season. Which do you like best?


1. Need Supply 2. Shopbop 3. Modcloth 4. H&M 5. Zara 6. TopShop




How do you style your booties?


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