No matter how much I love wearing comfy legging or a nice pair of slacks, denim will always have a place in my heart. From casual days to cozy nights, it’s one of the most versatile fabrics in your wardrobe. Denim can be dressed up with a pair of sky-high heels or accented with statement jewelry. It can make us ladies feel feminine even when worn in a casual, minimalistic manner. And it lasts forever – a denim jacket never goes out of style and will undoubtably outlast other trends if properly carried for. 

In honor of all things denim, here are four inspiring looks for you to try out this spring and the pieces I’m coveting this month. 

Inspiration: Four Ways to Wear Denim
Viva Luxury

Denim Overalls - When you think of overalls memories of your childhood may be conjured up, but this look can be worn with just about anything and it gives you that tomboy edge with a classy twist. The greatest part about this look is that it’s playful. Make sure to find a pair that fit you properly though, oversized overalls will leave you looking childish and unkept. 

Inspiration: Four Ways to Wear Denim
Lovely Pepa

Denim Dress – A denim dress is something everyone looks fabulous in thanks to the endless cut options. And no matter your body shape, these dresses are flattering – you can wear it loose for a boho feel or cinch it with a belt for a dressier, more structured appearance. A denim dress may be your new go-to look.

Inspiration: Four Ways to Wear Denim
The Native Fox

Denim Jacket – Every closet should have a denim jacket. A thin one to throw over dresses on warm summer nights or a thicker one with sweatshirt hood and sleeves to layer over button downs. A denim jacket is timeless and I promise, no one ever looks bad in a white shirt, black skinnies, a few classic accessories and their favorite denim. 

Inspiration: Four Ways to Wear Denim
Camille Over the Rainbow

Distressed Denim – Boyfriend jeans can sometimes get a bad wrap. They aren’t meant to look sloppy, but rather give you a comfortable, loose fit jean without looking like a slob. So when you mix boyfriend jeans with destressed denim you need to be careful. When dressing these jeans up with stilettos it changes the whole look – effortlessly chic, agree? 

Here are variations and more ways to wear denim to inspire your wardrobe now. 


What’s your favorite way to wear denim? 

<3 Mish 

Photo Credit: Viva Luxury, Lovely Pepa, The Native Fox, Camille Over the Rainbow

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