Well guys, it’s almost August. It’s the hottest month of the year in a lot of places, and in some, extremely dry or really humid. When it’s so warm that you can’t even fathom choosing a cute outfit to run errands or meet friends for lunch in, it’s hard to think of style as a priority. That’s where loose-fitting, airy, and really adorable shorts come in. Forget denim, these flowy embellished shorts are all you need to pair with a t-shirt and sandals. No worrying about tight jeans or a dress sticking to you when it really heats up (yuck!).

Embellished Shorts | MichellePhan.com
Southern Curls & Pearls

Pom-pom shorts: Floral prints bordered by cute pom-poms or tassels make for a springy look when it’s far past spring. Pair them with a light, semi-sheer tank like Southern Curls & Pearls and you are sure to beat the heat. Love the heart sunnies, too!

Embellished Shorts | MichellePhan.com
Gal Meets Glam

Embroidered shorts: A pair of gauze shorts in a cotton fabric keeps you cool on the go but also serves as a great beach cover-up. The embroidery is beautiful and looks great with gold accessories for a glowing summer look.

Embellished Shorts | MichellePhan.com
The Little Magpie

Lace shorts: Breezy satin shorts are perfect for cooling off, but they’re also a great layering piece. The lace hemline gives them a feminine feel, and I love them with the contrast of basic sneakers and a pullover.

Embellished Shorts | MichellePhan.com
The Sweetest Thing

Scalloped shorts: Basic printed shorts are instantly dressed up with a scalloped edge. Throw a blouse on top and complete the look with chic wedges. The image above shows just how classy a pair of easy-going shorts can be if you combine them with the right accessories and hairstyle.

Embellished Shorts | MichellePhan.com
Seams for a Desire

The skort: Asymmetrical skorts were huge last summer and it seems all the biggest fashion bloggers are breaking them out again this year. This is one old trend that has been glammed up and totally transformed. The silhouette elongates your legs like a micro-mini would. And the possibilities for shoe pairings? Endless!



What outfits do you wear to cool off in the summer?

<3 Mish


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