Fashion is always more fun when there is a meaning behind the symbols adorning the clothing racks. Of course, a lot of people don’t really think of a symbol’s origins in history, but the symbol itself. The evil eye trend is taking off lately (especially in jewelry), and I have to admit, the way designers have turned an ancient curse into a must-have product, is pretty amazing. These pieces look cool, but what they suggest is even more intriguing…

Evil Eye fashion
Evil Eye Maxi DressSilver & Gold Evil Eye Ring, Gold Metallic Tattoos, Evil Eye Choker, Lashed Out Bracelet, Evil Eye Fringe Studs, Ruffle Hem Mini Dress


The evil eye has popped up in several ancient cultures around the world. A threatening look can be seen as giving someone the evil eye curse, something you need constant protection from. Talismans, crosses, and Hamsas (the hand symbol found alongside the eye in many jewelry trends) are all means of protection. And shockingly, giving praise has also been seen as another way to give the evil eye (often accidentally): This symbolized greed and envy, making that person a target for the curse. This notion is still prevalent in some regions today, but usually to a lesser extent. Superstition or not, the evil eyes are everywhere, and you can find them in everything from a dazzling pair of earrings to a detailed graphic tee. Whether you’re warding off evil or just sending out good vibes with your symbol, you’re wearing making a statement and wearing a bit of history.



What’s your take on the evil eye look? Something you could get into or too symbolic? Does the evil eye symbol play a role in your history? Share your thoughts with me!

Feature image: Free People


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