If you read my last horoscope post, you might’ve gotten a hint of the latest trend in makeup: color changing. From greens that turn to pink to rainbow highlighter, the latest beauty products are quickly changing the way we think of color. Like those, these Kailijumei lipsticks—jelly lipsticks with real dried flowers inside—have suddenly popped up on every beauty blog there is.  So what’s with all the hype?

Kailijumei  lipstick

Asian makeup distributor Kailijumei’s lipstick appears clear but supposedly turns a glossy pink after reacting with your body temperature. These colorless products—ones that glide on clear but shift once applied—are formulated to react with your skin. We’ve already got products such as Smashbox O-Glow Cheek Color, which customizes your blush for a more natural, personalized glow. In the lip world, MAC’s Tendertalk Lip Balm also personalizes color, while Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince color goes on green and changes to a pretty pink hue.

As far as these gorgeous floral tubes go, the hype is unmatched (gah, they look beautiful). They’re one of the most illusive products on the web–every time Kailijumei lists it on their website, it sells out immediate. While it’s still a bit of a mystery as to the color it will produce when applied, having these lipsticks on your vanity might be the only real reason you need to purchase. I mean, they have real dried flowers inside!

The four shades—Barbie Doll Powder, Minutemaid, Hot Pink, and Flame Red—are the color changing type, though if you look on their Instagram you’ll see they appear more like a balm. There’s also a clear gloss that appears just as luxe without the pink hue. And if you’re not into the whole real flower thing, you might want to wait for the plain jelly lipstick to arrive.

The catch to all this? There aren’t many photos of the lipstick in action. These same photos of the bullets are going around, but swatches are hard to track down. You really do have to see for yourself if you want to know how these lipsticks glide on. But if you do snag one, be sure to snap a pic!

Have you purchased beauty before seeing how it looks IRL? Do you think this one is worth all the hype? Weigh in below!

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