It’s always a bonus when you can find beauty products that do the work of several in just one tube, tool or compact. Once you come across something like a dual pencil or multi-use brush, you have to make sure that they do each job just as well as a specialty product. Once found, these products become staples with unmatched convenience for days spent on the go and times you want to apply makeup like a pro. The products below will do just that.

The New Makeup Multitaskers to Put on your Radar

NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush – Dual or multi-use brushes are always a good idea because who really wants to tote around several bulky tools in their makeup bag? This particular brush is actually an intriguing multipurpose tool for defining, contouring blending and diffusing color.

Perricone MD No Mascara Mascara – When opting for amped up volume on your lashes, a fabulous mascara is a must. But what if you can achieve long lasting results in addition to your daily wear? Unlike many mascaras that can worsen the problem of sparse lashes, this 2-in-1 tube is a conditioning and strengthening treatment and mascara in one.

Mizon Oh! Shy Volume Up Lovely Stick – This product is not just a highlighter and eyeliner in one (though it can be used for both), it was created to give eyes a more youthful appearance. It’s used to create the appearance of fat under the eye, which Korean makeup artists do to give a playful look that minimizes dark circles too. The product can also be used as an all over highlighter, not just eye product, so it may replace your go-to.

Votre Vu VU-ON Rouge Color Accent – Multi-sticks are not exactly news in beauty circles, but the ingredients of this tinted lip, cheek and eye color are what makes it stand out: shea and mango seed butters moisturize along with jojoba and castor oil, and vitamin E to nourish skin. The result is a subtle but buildable color pop for all over use that helps maintain skin health at the same time.

BECCA Nude Liner Lip Plump & Define Pencil – Why line your lips if they aren’t plump to your liking? One pencil creates the illusion of fuller lips while the fills, defines and keeps the color from bleeding. Following our theme – this also contains soothing, nourishing ingredients for long wear and happy lips.

Swissco Precision Blending Sponge – Sponges are all the rage but there’s no need to have five different ones for each need. Take a cue from makeup artists who swear by precision sponges to do the work of many. This one in particular can be used to apply just about any type of makeup. Simply use the wider end for larger areas and flip to the narrow side when you need to hit hard-to-reach spots like the eyes.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Crème Colour Concentrate – This pigmented crème is another buildable product that works for eyes, lips and cheeks. It’s multi use in that way (not to mention it comes in an array of shades), but it also hydrates and nourishes with emollients and humectants. It’s a little skin refresher and pigment in one.

Have you discovered any makeup multitaskers lately?

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