There are two kinds of glasses-wearers in this world: those who swear by one pair and would never stray, and those who collect sunnies like they’re going out of style! No matter which category you fall into, it helps to know which ones flatter you and you style, and which – to put it simply – don’t. If you know what works best for your face shape, shopping gets so much easier. If you don’t already know, determine your face shape, then use this fun guide next time you’re on the hunt for a new pair.

Sunglasses for your face shape

Oval. You may have heard this before, and it’s true – oval faces can get away with most styles, because there’s no need to worry about accentuating too strong or soft of features. But with that comes the desire to go bolder with accessories. Both perfectly circle frames and retro cat-eye glasses will make your face stand out.

Square. For a square shape, you don’t want to go with anything too rectangular or square. Rounded specs with thin frames or aviator styles will soften angular features and elongate your face. Like I talked about in my eyeglasses video from way back when, a fantastic rule for face shapes is that generally the stronger/more pronounced your facial features are, the softer you’ll want your glasses to be and vice versa.

Round. So, with a round face shape, you want to avoid anything too round in order to complement your features. Rectangle or wayfarer sunglasses like TOMS Beachmaster sunnies can help balance your look while oversized square and hexagonal sunglasses make more of a statement.

Heart. The only rule with heart shaped faces is to make sure the look isn’t “too much” to pair with your strong jaw line and high cheek bones, especially if you have bangs. Glasses of any shape can look amazing, but rimless or partially rimless pairs like these cool semi-rimmed round glasses or cat-eye club masters will flatter any heart shaped face.

Diamond. Like ovals, diamond shapes often can get away with different types of glasses, though they should to keep in mind prominent facial features like a strong jaw. Wayfarer glasses with thick rims and even cute heart shaped glasses will make your peepers pop if you are of a diamond face shape.

Like I said, this is only a guide – you never truly know what look suits you best until you experiment with a few different styles!

Do you have any personal rules you swear by when shopping for sunnies? Let me know below!

<3 Mish


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