Now that we’ve been over the latest makeup craze to replace everyone’s obsession with contouring, it’s only time we went over just how to highlight and brighten your eye area specifically – just in time for spring. The goal of bigger, brighter eyes isn’t anything new, we all know they tend to give off a youthful look that’s to be desired at any age. But what if there was a universally flattering shade that helped you achieve just that? I’m not talking white eyeliner, either.

makeup shade to brighten eyes

Like I mentioned, one of the biggest trends right now in makeup is strobing, which involves strategically highlighting your face for more defined features. Eye pencils in dreamy shades of beige like nude, taupe, ivory, and champagne do a similar trick – highlighting your beautiful eyes! There are plenty of options on the market right now, like Paula Dorf Enhancer Baby Eyes (you might’ve seen via ipsy), which is your basic eye pencil specifically made to brighten. Both Rimmel London ScandalEyes Eyeshadow Stick in Trespassing Taupe + NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Cashmere are jumbo pencils that can be used as a liner or shadow, so they’re a bit more versatile. The Rimmel shade is more feminine and romantic, while the NYX pencil has a bolder, glittery gold vibe.

There are a quite a few ways to go about decking out your eyes with these springy hues, but there are three to get you started:

Eye Shadow – Instead of layering on the powder shadows, swipe one of the jumbo pencils across your lids for an altogether brightening effect. If you’re already using a highlighter for your brow bone (such as Clinique’s Instant Brow Lift), you’ll get a seriously glowing look.

Lower Lash Line – Use this in the way you would use a white or colorful eyeliner, swept across the bottom of your lower lash line. Be sure not to stretch the line all the way to the corners of your eyes, as closing the line can have the opposite, reducing effect.

Corners of Eyes – Essentially the opposite of the two above, this is where you dab the hue into the inner corners of your eyes and skip liner altogether. You might’ve tried this trick with highlighter, and it works the same way. If your brows are on point and your mascara is applied properly, your eyes will have a natural yet captivating glow!

Have you tried this shade before? What’s your verdict?

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