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Tucking in your hair is a look that is becoming more and more popular with the fashion set both on the runway and off. It’s that look like you just pulled a turtleneck or coat over your head but your hair is still trapped inside:

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Tucked in hair is a playful yet coy look that complements turtlenecks and high-necked coats especially well. I personally love this look! I tuck my hair into my scarves all the time when it’s cold outside and did this a lot on my recent trip to New York.

One of the things I love about this look is that it gives the illusion of shorter-looking hair. Faux bobs were big on the runway this month, and this is a style that does the work for you. It can be subtle or extreme and you don’t need to have long hair to partake. Bonus: this is one hair trend that’s completely free!! It doesn’t cost a thing to tuck in your hair to look chic and stay warm. : )

Style blogger Elin Kling

To perfect this look, pull a shirt or sweater over your head and keep your hair tucked into the neck/collar region. Make sure it is fairly evenly distributed around your neck (as opposed to all on one side). Instead of pulling it out all the way, run your hands (palms in) between your hair and your neck like you are cupping your neck. Then, gently, bring your arms out to the side to delicately and evenly lift hair out of the collar ever so slightly. This will create that tousled, faux bob effect. The same can be done with a big scarf or shawl for a more layered look. Embrace the stray wisps and piece-y parts that fall out a little more than the others; you want it to look unintentional but not accidental. Loose strands add a cute girly-ness to the look.

What do you think of this look? Charming? Strange? Leave your thoughts below!

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Photo: collage at top: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; via Allure; Elin Kling

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