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Sometimes, the ickiest part of nail care is your basic nail clipping. The sound alone is squirm inducing for a lot of people, but the worst part has got to be what happens after you press down on the clipper – where do those nail trimmings go?! It’s both gross and annoying when nails go flying, but even grosser and more annoying not to trim them at all.

Some nail clippers come with built-in guards or cases that catch nails after they are cut, but if yours does not, you can improvise with tape!

To keep nail clippings from flying away, cover the sides of your clipper in tape. This will “catch” the nails and make the process a little cleaner. :) I saw this tip online the other day and thought it was worth sharing…genius!

Does nail clipping make you squirm?

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Photos: Clippers via Wikipedia; tape dispenser by Poppin

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