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After all of the mascara and eyelash talk last week, I thought it would be useful to revisit one of my favorite tips for better mascara application: using a business card.

The Business Card Mascara Trick is a classic. It’s effective, easy to master and will help to shield your eyelids from mascara smudges. All you need is a pencil, a pair of scissors, a business card (or index card) and your mascara! Here’s what to do:

  1. Measure the length and shape of your eye while holding the card just above your eye, and trace this with the pencil on one edge of the card.
  2. Cut the shape out with the scissors. It should look like a little semi-circle, or like someone took a little bite out of your card. ; )
  3. Place the card over your eyelid and gently lift your eyelid up
  4. Holding the card in this position, apply your mascara as usual. You can even use this on your lower lashes, too.

Easy, right?! Watch the video below to see the trick in action:

Do you ever use this trick?

For another quick tip, check out this technique for easier gel liner application.

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Excerpt photo via GoodHousekeeping.com

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