No matter if I’m packing a carry on or luggage, one thing remains true, I want my bags to be light. Running through an airport during layovers with heavy bags is a drag, plus I need room to bring back goodies. My travel beauty essentials always make the cut, but now I get even more in my bag without bringing bottles on bottles of product (especially for quick trips). Beauty and hygiene wipes are basically the answer to all your on-the-go needs.

Makeup remover and antibacterial wipes aren’t anything new, we all have them in our stash, but individually wrapped ones are everything. They are light weight, fit in the tiniest of bags, are single use and can remedy any issue, so you feel clean and energized all over. And I mean, all over – from nail moisturizers to antiperspirants. You’re looking fresh to death!

Travel beauty wipes

Savvy Traveler offers a mix of teeth wipes (a few seconds with these leaves you as confident as ever), deodorant wipes, face moisturizing wipes and, because our tech deserves to be as clean as our faces, screen wipes that come in handy mid-flight. Each of their products has a faint hint of a sweet smell (it’s so pleasing), so you aren’t bothering others around you with a too-intense scent.

They aren’t the only brand with luxe travel wipes (though I like how their Jet Set kit has everything rolled into one). Butter London Scrubbers can remove a chipped manicure in one swipe. An ideal product for those moments when bare nails make the best impression. KOCOSTAR Nail Therapy treatment masks revitalize dry cuticles while you watch a new in-flight movie. DERMAdoctor Med e Tate antiperspirant wipes  are slightly medicated and freshen up your under arm instantly (the rave reviews do not lie). And Pacifica offers lotion wipes that purify and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. You’ll get a boost of hydration and feel good about the product (Pacifica is vegan and cruelty-free).

Then there are those added products you never knew you needed, but having them along makes your busy life so much easier. LA Fresh makes bug repellent wipes, feminine hygiene wipes, shoe shining wipes, sunscreen wipes and more, all in single use packages. Just think, for a quick weekend away or even out during the day taking meetings, you can toss a few of each into your purse, freshen up once at your destination and banish that mid-day grimy feeling.

BONUS: If you visit they’re offering my fans 20% off their order and a free travel tote. Just use PHAN at checkout!

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